Five Essential Ingredients of Successful Blogs

Audience-targeted writing Once you figure out your intended audience, do some research to find out their expectations. Know your readers. Write for them. Write to them. Serve up the solutions they are looking for. Encourage their feedback, and then actually respond to it in a timely manner.   Engaging & helpful content Blogging, by nature, is a narrative type of writing, so include personal experience...

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Provisional Pen Recommends Stephen King’s On Writing

Like most dedicated readers, you’ve likely wondered what motivates your favorite authors. If Stephen King happens to be one of your faves, you’re in for a real treat. In On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (10th Anniversary Edition), King chronicles the experiences (both hilarious and heartbreaking) that shaped him as a writer. He also reveals the inspiration behind some of...

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Writing a Lyric Essay

Made famous by the Seneca Review, the Lyric Essay is an unique art form that creates a new way to look at a personal essay or a narrative poem or any kind of written creative writing. Comprised of any number of attributes, a good definition is hard to nail down and can vary from person to person. The main idea of...

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