A Step in the Right Direction: Benefits of Writing Workshops

A Step in the Right Direction: Benefits of Writing Workshops


Are you working on a book or blog or podcast and feeling a bit stuck? Not sure where to go from here, or whether what you’ve written so far works? Are you looking for advice to help you along the way toward publication? Joining a writing workshop just may be the answer because you’ll be able to:


Connect with other writers.

These are people who understand your struggles because they’ve been through the same things. Knowing you’re not trapped alone in the writing process can make quite a difference, especially when you’re working on a long-term project. So, why not communicate with your people and become part of a supportive writing community?


Share your work with test readers.

Not only will you be able to commiserate with other writers in your workshop, you’ll also get to share your writing with a built-in audience. Having someone read your work in its early stages saves you time because you’ll find out right away if something isn’t quite working, rather than waiting until your project is finished and having to make more extensive changes.


Get expert help with your writing.

Though many of us know people willing to look over our writing, it’s even more helpful to have other writers, experts, read it and give their feedback. Because of their experience, writers have a knowledge base that not all readers possess. Not only will you learn from the feedback of your fellow workshop members, you’ll also gain insights into your own writing process by reading other writers’ work. If you see, for example, how other members handle transitioning between different characters’ perspectives, something you’ve had trouble with, you can approach your draft with a fresh method or two. Seeing other writers’ techniques in action can help you make the right moves in your own writing.