What Is a Blog and Why Should You Write One?

What is a blog? A blog (short for Weblog) is a collection of brief, conversationally written posts published online. The collection is typically updated frequently, weekly or even daily. Blog posts are organized in reverse chronological order, so readers can easily access the most recent postings first.   Who blogs? The first blogs, such as those written by college students Claudio Pinhanez and Justin Hall...

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Writing in the Science Fiction Genre; A Book Review

Provisional Pen Recommends:   Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: How to Create Out-of-this-world Novels and Short Stories. By Orson Scott Card, Phillip Athans, Jay Lake, and the Editors of Writer’s Digest.   Whenever a writer embarks on a genre- specific project, it is helpful to have a set of guidelines to follow. Along those lines comes this instructional book, but it is so much more....

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Quick Tips for Queries

According to Emily Harstone, a recognized pen name in the publishing world, independent publishers are becoming more likely to be closed to unsolicited submissions. This is unsettling for unpublished writers looking to scale the publishing wall. Independent publishers are the bread and butter of publishing and a major contributor to book revenue and production. The “unsolicited” aspect refers to the author...

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Give Yourself a Creative Break

  Between sunny summer days beckoning us outdoors and news of the current pandemic demanding our attention, concentrating on writing can be awfully difficult. Not to minimize the importance of getting out for fresh air or learning how we can best protect ourselves and one another, but you might be wondering how you're supposed to focus with everything happening around you. You're...

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Where Words Meet Art: Designing a Book Cover

  Have you finished writing a book that you plan to self-publish? Congratulations! Once you've done all the writing, revising, and editing, you need to design a cover before you send your creation into the world of potential readers. Consider these aspects as you put together artwork to represent your written project:   Genre What kind of book have you written? A memoir? A...

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