Moving On: The Last Step in the Writing Process

Without revision and editing, most of us would produce writing that sounds awesome in our heads but doesn't entirely make sense to anyone who lives outside our heads. So, for the love of clarity, let's all keep revising and editing. But let's not let perfectionism stop us from finishing our work.   Imperfect Is Perfectly Fine Even professionally published work contains errors. We're talking...

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Avoiding Chronological Events

Memoir is quite possibly the most expressive of all the novel types. We go on a journey with the writer; the highs, lows, anger, happiness, you name it. The human brain is so chock full of information, we are best able to process things appropriately through association. That said, there isn’t a single time we have not experienced something that has...

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Finding the Time to Write

How many times have you said the sentence: “I don’t have enough time to write”? We all have lives and getting down to task and writing can be exceedingly difficult. There are a few things you can do to jump these hurdles and make your writing a priority. The short answer is- Yes, you do. When looking at the tasks you have...

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Specific Is Terrific! Sensory Details to Include in Your Writing

Sensory impressions could be just the technique you need to add flavor to your fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, or blog posts. Read on for 5 categories of detail to spice up your writing: Sight We already tend to rely on visual description, with good reason. Showing rather than telling readers about setting, characters, and other elements helps bring your story to life. Colors,...

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Simply Speaking: A Guide to Structuring Blog Posts

Keep it simple. These 3 words can help you write a better blog. Whether you’re starting a brand-new writing venture or revamping your current blog, straightforward style and compelling content are keys to leveling up your success. Here are 5 characteristics of appealing blog posts:   Catchy Title When titling a blog post, aim for creativity, specificity, and brevity. Creativity (sound repetition,...

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