Designing Inspiration: 3 Steps to Creating Your Own Writing Space

Designing Inspiration: 3 Steps to Creating Your Own Writing Space

 One of the many advantages of writing is its portability. But having a home base is also helpful, especially if you do a lot of writing. Here’s how to dedicate a space in your home to your creative work:


1) Pick a place.

If you have a whole room to use for your writing space, that’s great. But it’s not necessary. What you really need is a quiet space where you’re unlikely to be distracted—at least, during the times you plan to work. It could even be an alcove or a pantry or a cleared out walk-in closet. Both practicality and creativity will come into play when choosing your workspace. Once that’s worked out, you’ll need a desk or table with enough surface area for devices and supplies (computer or tablet, printer, paper, and pens and pencils), as well as a comfortable, supportive chair.


2) Organize your space.

It’s really about function when it comes to choosing how to set up your workspace. Think about how you work, which tools of the trade you use most frequently and where they will be most accessible to you. For example, if you like to prewrite using pen and paper rather than your computer, you’d want to keep these supplies on your work surface so you can grab them quickly. If, on the other hand, you’re all about composing electronically, those supplies would be less important and you could stash them in a drawer to leave room for the objects you use more often.


3) Customize for inspiration.

Make it your own. This is the fun part!!