Don’t Discount the Short Story

Don’t Discount the Short Story

Flash Fiction and Short Story formats can be intimidating to undertake. However, the challenge is the fun part. When writing, it is important to go on a journey. Start anywhere you want and let your mind and pen guide you. Often, when using a writing prompt, the task can run out and leave you with a short piece that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

That’s ok! Keep this! Do not throw it away!

(Reread the last sentence for emphasis)

The worst thing you can do for yourself is destroy something you created. It may one day be the most important part of your novel.  You never know what you will be writing 5 months or even years from now!

The opposite situation that can befall some, is that all you are able to write is short fiction. In this case, you can string a bunch of short stories together to create an anthology or even string them together to create a themed collection. Either way, it works. You got it done!

Some of the best writing in literature is short fiction. Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is often regarded as one of the best pieces of contemporary fiction. Sometimes all you need is a few pages to get your point across.

You should at least be trying to write short fiction every once in a while; it is a wonderful writing exercise. Forcing yourself to create analogy, allegory, or metaphor in a shorter span can be both extremely challenging and thrilling. The hardest part is finding your path.

Teresa Boyer
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