For the Love of Poetry: 3 Awesome Online Resources

For the Love of Poetry: 3 Awesome Online Resources


Now is the perfect time to enjoy poetry by reading it, listening to it, and learning more about it. Our staffer who researched this blog post says that spending just a little time enveloped in the world of all things poetic reminded her why she first fell in love with poetry. We hope these online resources will help you find some poetic love of your own:


Academy of American Poets

Ever wonder who came up with National Poetry Month? Now you know, and if you visit the Academy of American Poets’ website,, you can find out more of the history, as well as how to take part from a safe distance. We especially like the “Shelter in Poems” project, in which they invite participants to “share a poem from” the Academy’s substantial “collection that helps [them] to find courage, solace, and actionable energy, and … how or why it does so.” Appreciating poetry is something worth doing beyond the month of April, and this site has you covered with daily poems, newsletter subscription options, and educational materials that also work outside K-12 classrooms for anyone interested in engaging with poetry.


Library of Congress

Love listening to poets reading their work? So do we, which is why we recommend the wonderful “Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature” provided by the Library of Congress. There, you’ll find recordings of performances by famously talented poets like Gwendolyn Brooks. Listening to these readings is the next best thing to being able to travel back in time and personally attend, so be sure to take advantage of this important resource. At, you’ll also find their Poetry and Literature Center Blog From the Catbird Seat, podcasts, and a link to Poetry Reference Resources.


Poetry Foundation

Do you appreciate poetry as an art form but sometimes struggle to understand it? You’re not alone, and there’s a virtual treasure chest of information available to you at Be sure to check out their “Poem Guides,” in which writers break down poetic works and help you dig deep into their meaning. The Poetry Foundation also provides educational articles and other materials for many age groups, along with poems, podcasts, and subscription options for newsletters.


Keep in mind that this is just a small sampling of what these websites have to offer, so check them out for even more!