Get Time on Your Side: When to Publish Blog Posts

Get Time on Your Side: When to Publish Blog Posts


Daily blog posts can be worthwhile in that they increase the visibility and support the authority of your blog in search engines, attract visitors and links, and encourage frequent interaction between you and your readers. Some people even manage to post to their blogs more than once a day. If you’re one of those people, rock on. If you’re lucky to find the time to post once a day, read on.



Updating your blog a few times a week or even once a week could be the right strategy for you, and here’s why: You will have time to plan and write your blogs ahead of time, but your content will still be up-to-date. You won’t have to deal with the pressure of having to write and publish something brand new every day. And, if you’re smart about when you post, you can still reap the benefits without all the stress.


Though information from different sources may vary, here are some often cited stats:


Dan Zarrella’s study shows the following trends:

  • More people read blogs in the morning. 11 am EST in particular is a high traffic time for blogs.
  • Blogs get the most visits on Mondays.
  • Most users comment on blogs on Saturdays and around 9 am EST.


Also noteworthy, most social sharing of blog content happens on Thursdays, according to a 2012 post on the Social Fresh blog.


Biweekly or Monthly

If the task of writing enough content to post once a week does not fit into your schedule, you could opt for every other week or even once a month. If you choose this path, especially monthly, be aware that getting traffic to your blog will be more difficult. But there are some strategies to combat the issue: split up a longer post and share it in weekly or biweekly installments; pay special attention to search engine friendly keywords; or replace some written posts with photos, short videos, or short audio files that require less time.