Not So Alone: Socialize through Writing

Not So Alone: Socialize through Writing


These days, with social distancing, we can often feel isolated. Where once it was pretty easy to go out for a meal with friends or bond over shared hobbies and interests, now it requires lots of planning and risk assessment. Often, the risk is too big to take. Fortunately, we can use one of our interests, writing, to solve this problem.


Find your people online.

Of course, you can use social media to stay in contact with people you already know. Which is great! But what if you’d like to meet new people, ones you share something in common with? This is where your hobbies and interests come in.


If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably at least a bit interested in writing. So, why not start there? You’re welcome to visit our Facebook page to join the Provisional Pen Writers Group if you haven’t already done so.


As you work to improve your written communication skills, why not practice by joining online groups for other hobbies? If you enjoy reading, you might see if your local library does librarywide reads in which you can borrow an eBook and participate in an online forum.


Another option for meeting people around your interests is Reddit. It’s different from other social networking sites in that you don’t have to share a lot of personal information. There are lots of subreddits, so it’s likely you would find something of interest. One of our staffers joined the knitting subreddit, and she feels more encouraged than ever to keep up with the craft. Some groups are friendlier than others, of course, but you can figure that out pretty quickly and find the more supportive ones. Or, you can create your own.


Just remember, though there are many reasons to write, communication is at the heart of most. If you feel alone, reaching out through writing could help you find the connection you need.