Noteworthy Poetry Journals

Noteworthy Poetry Journals

Poetry Magazine
Poetry Magazine is a publication run by the Poetry Foundation. They pull from a variety of genres and they accept new authors and previously published authors alike. The magazine pays decently too! You must submit on their submission portal online. Their deadlines are ongoing as they publish every month, so no need to scramble!
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The Common
This literary magazine publishes both online and in print. They have a variety of categories and genres they call for and they have a lot of advice on how to be successful on their website. The Common has specific reading times and the next one starts on September 1st! Their publication guidelines are straightforward and can be found here:

The Nation
The Nation can be found on any newsstand that includes current events categories. They accept poetry (strictly) and express that any prose will not be considered. They also ask that you do not simultaneously submit (which basically means don’t send a poem to three different places at once hoping for publication), but what you do with your time is your business. *Ahem. Anyway, this publication also has reading times and the next one starts September 15th.
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The Paris Review
One of the more reputable literary journals in circulation, The Paris Review, accepts poetry (and prose) all year long. They have one unique feature, though: they only accept PAPER manuscripts. That’s right– old school! They are happy to send you back a reply if you send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The Paris Review is not terribly picky, but they do like having previously unpublished work sent.
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When becoming a poet, the quest for the right publication can be daunting. Our best advice is to look at the previously published journals and magazines and see if your work would fit in with what they look for. Good luck!