Nurture Your Creative Self

Nurture Your Creative Self


Though creating can be truly fun, it’s also hard work; especially when the process gets frustrating and you feel impatient with yourself. We’ve all been there. So, how can you make things a bit easier?


Know yourself.

This is not exactly the same thing as fully accepting everything about the way you work as a creator because there’s still room for some change. But, if you know you work best under the pressure of a deadline, for example, you don’t need to completely overhaul your process by working ahead on every aspect of a project. You can still save some manageable step for the last minute to appeal to that part of your creative self. Or, if you feel you work better in a somewhat cluttered space, just control the chaos by tidying up as much as necessary and don’t worry about the rest. Basically, learn what works for you and do that, as long as it’s not actually harmful.


Believe in yourself.

This one can sometimes be the most challenging part of dealing with the creative self. Doubt can overwhelm us before we even realize it’s happening. So, how do you eliminate self-doubt? You don’t, actually. It’s a necessary part of the creative process; otherwise, everyone would be perfectly happy with the first draft or painting or piece of furniture they make and keep replicating that rather than furthering their skills. It’s more about finding a balance between self-doubt and acceptance. In that space, you believe in your creative talent while still working to improve your creations.


Inspire yourself.

This one can be really fun. It’s likely that you already enjoy the work of others in your creative field. For example, you probably read plenty of mysteries if that’s what you write. Now, try to branch out a bit to other genres and art forms. You never know where you might find inspiration for your next project. Check out this blog post to learn how different art forms connect.