Step Outside: Creative Benefits of Nature for Writers

Step Outside: Creative Benefits of Nature for Writers

When you’re stuck with your writing, coming up with a sentence seems to take an eternity. You try so hard, but you’re defeated by that blank screen or sheet of paper. As you try harder, your mind starts to wander. What you need is a break. So, next time writer’s block strikes, try walking around your neighborhood for a bit, or venture further and check out a park or nature preserve. Step outside and open your mind.


Change of scenery can boost creativity.

We are creatures of habit, and places become part of our daily routine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but changing it up can help you think creatively. You could make new connections, describe outdoor settings for your writing projects, and develop plots inspired by nature. And it’s certainly less stressful than engaging in a staring contest with the computer.


Nature’s beauty can inspire you to create images in words.

Once outside, you’re surrounded by different sights, sounds, scents, and textures you don’t usually get to experience firsthand while you work. Like the view of  raindrops on lily pads or a frog sitting in a small puddle, sunning itself. The sound of competing birdsong. The scent of recent rainfall. The feel of an old wooden boardwalk beneath your feet. There’s a certain artistry to the way writers conjure images out of words, and nature is full of inspiration to help you do so.


Spending time in nature can clear your mind of distractions.

While you’re focused on what’s going on around you, your mind may feel quieter, less busy with thoughts and worries. Nature has a wonderful ability to pull us from our inner lives and bring us into the present moment, which in turn helps us move past writer’s block and other concerns. Setting aside  all that heavy stuff for a while allows your mind to focus instead on creating, working, writing.