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Do you have a story inside you that is waiting to be told? Have you ever wanted to write your story, but couldn’t get the words out of your head and onto paper? Perhaps you aren’t even sure where to start. As your writing coach, I can help. My mission is to provide the skills and support needed to complete your memoir. With over 10 years of experience in teaching memoir writing, I can guide you through the writing process, and will be with you every step of the way. Novice and experienced writers are welcome. Any writer can improve their craft, and we are here to help you get there.

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Our Writing Consultation

Services Include

  • A one-on-one consultation – Your initial consultation will help to understand your needs and create a plan to best fit your writing style and time line. You will also receive initial writing “assignments” to help with any issues you feel you need to overcome in your writing, including but not limited to: readings, writing exercises, or anything you would be comfortable with.  Our work begins when you make the initial call.
  • Individual Instruction on a Draft – You simply send us a piece of your writing, manuscript, blurb, etc. and we discuss feedback.  I focus on your particular writing style, so if you want to get down all the way to sentence level writing help, we are here for you! It is important to me that my clients see writing as a process.
  • Defeat of Writer’s Block – This will help you overhaul your writing tricks and implement some innovative and creative ways to beat the brick wall of writer’s block. We can help you with any stage of your writing, as writer’s block seems to happen at the most inconvenient times.
  • Brainstorming Assistance –  All ideas start from somewhere, be it a napkin or a well-thought-out plot outline. With our guidance, you can go from a cool idea to a plan. If you need story writing help in the middle of a book, my techniques will help you round out your memoir and create a strong sense of confidence you may not have had before.

With a writing coach, you can have support writing your memoir, making your ideas a reality, and become and all around better writer. A mentor makes writing a bit easier, so you’re not sitting in front of a blank screen, hoping inspiration will come.

Our Writing Consultation

Package Includes

One to one or phone meetings (60 minutes each) each week to discuss strategies to bring your writing projects to a finished state.

Feedback on your work (which should be submitted prior to the meeting).

Tools, tips, and resources to support your writing projects.

Membership to our online community for writers.

E-mail follow-up services as needed. E-mails will be returned within 48hours.


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Provisional Pen is very professional and creative. Teresa has an absolutely fantastic writing style and provides the best feedback. When I am lost for words, Teresa helps bring my thoughts into reality.

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