Writing That Goes Far: 3 Reasons to Update Online Content

Writing That Goes Far: 3 Reasons to Update Online Content


Keeping your online presence in tip-top shape isn’t always about writing something completely new; sometimes it involves working with what’s already there. Here are 3 reasons to update your content:


1) To Fix an Error

We’re not talking teeny tiny mistakes here. It’s the major ones to look out for, like a sentence that seemed to make sense at the time but has since caused confusion. Or the realization you forgot to include something important, like a note that clarifies a step in a recipe or other set of instructions. Readers will sometimes point out issues or ask questions, so check out their comments and address them by either responding directly or updating your posted information.


2) To Add Information

If anything about your products or services has changed, you definitely want to reflect that on your website ASAP. You may also want to occasionally update your blog. Let’s say, a few months ago, you wrote a post recommending certain home remodeling books to your readers. And, you’ve just finished reading a new book you’d like to recommend. Sure, you could write a new post, but maybe you’re short on time or you feel the new book complements the others on your previous list. In either case, you can just add your comments about the new book to your prior piece along with the new date and repost it.


3) To Repurpose Material

Now, this reason for updating moves beyond your website to the rest of your online platform, like social media, email blasts, and newsletters. Instead of writing original content for each place, you can create different versions of the same content. For example, you might expand on a tip you shared on Twitter to create an item for your newsletter. Or, you might condense information from a blog post to use in a marketing email.